high rope maze

Vysoke LB 1 Vysoke LB 2 Vysoke LB 3

Route length: 251 m
Number of ostacles: 40
Height: from 4 to 6 m

Climbing time: 60 min (according to climbing skills and experience)
Limit for visitors: from 130 cm (from 120 cm only with higher person than 150 cm)

Climbing protection:

  • self-protection (You will protect yourself by two carabiners.)
  • THE BEST SAFETY - thanks CLiC-iT - French Innovationin in climbing safety. The rope labyrinth is certified.

Description: Innovation – MAZE - Choos your way. You can alway choose between a easy and a heavy route.


low rope park

Nizky LP 1 Nizky LP 2 Nizky LP 3


Route length: 101 m
Number of ostacles: 15
Height: max. 1 m

Climbing time: 10 - 20 min (according to climbing skills and experience) – for children from 4 years age

Climbing protection: spotting (assistance by older person)
Safety: For your children under the age 15 years we have the helmet.

Description: For all ages. There is kid cableway in the end.




The height of the attraction: 10 m

Limit for visitors: adults and children from the height of 120 cm

Description: Jump and swing in 11 m is simply amazing. Overcome fear and feel of free fall you will love.


 FUNtastic four - four amazing attractions

FUN 4 4 FUN 4 1 BIG SWING3 FUN 4 2


Attrastion: Jacob's ladder, Monkey hardware, Climbing rope and net
Height: 11 m
Climbing time: 15 min.
Climbing protection: protection by the other person with the rope (the instructor will show you how)


  • Benefits are team spirit and cooperation. You need both them to pass the obstacles. Let's train!
  • Climb up like the strongest man! Prove your strength on the climbing rope and net.
  • Jacob's ladder – an obstacle made up of wooden logs tied one above another. You cannot overcome alone. You need your friend. The best test for couple.
  • Monkey hardware - colorful climbing holds right on the tree. You can choose various degrees of difficult.



For everybody!

We offer: two tipes of bow (for adult and children)

Description: Do you shoot for the first time from a bow? Do not be afraid. Instructor will show you everything. 



Trampolina 1

Size: 4,2 m

Description: Favourite and cool fun for people of all the ages. The trampoline is certificated and all around with the safety net.


slackline 1 slackline 2 slackline 3

Lenght: 10 m
Height: max 1 m
Climbing protection: spotting (assistance by older person)

Description: Do you like tightrope walker? Try and learn it. Everybody can surprise himself.

Animal hoppers

Hopici 1


Fun for free for the children to 20 kg. Great for your smallest one. There is safety place for play with animal hoppers.



Your safety is the most important for us! We need your cooperation in following few important rules. Thank you.

 THE BEST SAFETY – thanks CLiC-iT - French Innovationin in climbing safety. The rope labyrinth is certified.


- CLic-iT – smart climbing protection, will not let you make a mistake -

  • The unique modern system from France,
  • you are still securing in hights,
  • safety for children (you cannot open both of the carabiners in the same time),
  • no queues - no waiting,
  • younger children can climb up without thei parents.



cerifikat clickit

  • Certified by an independent authorized person,
  • built and operated in accordance with the standard ČSN EN 15567-1 a ČSN EN 15567-2,
  • we are trained to work at heights,
  • we use just certificated material (ropes, climbing seats, ex.),
  • all employees are training and have experience.

MAXIMÁLNÍ BEZPEČÍ – díky unikátnímu jistícímu systému CLiC-iT.

Lanové bludiště je certifikováno.


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